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Dear Friends,


Over two million people in the Houston-metro area are functionally illiterate (NCES, 2020) and over 55% have an undiagnosed learning disability and cannot afford after-school learning programs (PEW, 2019).   We have committed our professional lives to improve reading and math literacy for all learners.  We believe these are essential abilities needed for people to realize their human potential and begin solving societal problems.  Improving literacy and math opens opportunities for all people to live safer, healthier, more self-sufficient and rewarding lives.  No child should grow up without reading and math literacy.

Our mission is to change lives and communities by improving reading and math mastery.  Our vision is to be a resource and champion for reading and math literacy for underserved populations in the Houston Metro-area and beyond.   In 2019, Learner Dynamic, LLC became Dynamic Learners, Incorporated 501 (c)(3) to create more educational opportunities for underserved populations through expanding our literacy scholarship program.

We invite you to join us in changing lives by removing financial barriers through our literacy scholarships for underserved populations.  Help us provide remote and in-person after school math and reading diagnostic and learning opportunities for underserved populations in our area.  Because of donors like you, lives will be changed through the power of reading and math literacy. 

Thank you for donating to Dynamic Learners, Inc. literacy scholarship fund.


Dr. Joan Ickes and Dr. Lillian McEnery, Co-founders

Dynamic Learners Incorporated-501 (c)(3)




Checks payable to Dynamic Learners, Inc.

PO Box 3783, Lake Jackson, TX 77566

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