Lillian McEnery and Joan N. Ickes, Co-founders of Dynamic Learners, Inc.

We believe in you and the incredible strength that comes from every person's learning and thinking differences. We are committed to providing you an opportunity to discover your learning potential and to succeed. 



Lillian and Joan, Co-founders

Our Story

As a parent, what can be more important than a child’s education? Tony’s dad, Steve, was concerned because Tony was struggling in his middle school classes. Like any good Dad, Steve wanted to help.  He had a private learning agency administer assessments, even though it was expensive. However, Steve questioned the private company’s assessment results and learning support. That is when he called his friend Joan. 

tony's dad, steve, tells our first success story


Board of Directors - Karen Coffey, Maria Cerino, Dr. Lawrence Kohn, Dr. Susan McCormack

First Row

Dr. Lillian McEnery, Dr. Joan Ickes, Dr. Patricia Williams


Second Row

Karen Coffey,  Maria Cerino, Dr. Lawrence Kohn,

Dr. Susan McCormack 

What We Do 

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Our mission is to close the learning gap for you and your community by providing high-quality personalized diagnostic and intervention learning services.

Our Challenge

We are passionate about and dedicated to ensuring that all children and adults receive the help they need to become literate in both reading and math.  We believe these are essential abilities needed for people to realize their human potential and begin solving societal problems.   


We have always been committed to finding ways to give back to the community.  We know that not all students in the Houston area have the same opportunities--we believe it is up to us to help underserved populations receive needed learning services to empower their future.  We are at the forefront of helping those most at risk.

Consistent with the vision of our co-founders, no student is denied services based on religion, race, or ability to pay.  To remove financial barriers, we established--at no cost to you--the need-based Literacy Opportunity Scholarship.  When you become our student, we give back.

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You can give a gift that changes lives.​​​


No child should grow up without reading and math literacy.

Literacy Opportunity Scholarship​​