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Joan N. Ickes, EdD


Reading Diagnostician Specialist 

Curriculum Development and Evaluation Specialist

Secondary Social Studies: US History, Geography, Sociology

Cooperative and Project Learning 

Team development --Six Thinking Hats Method, Dr. Edward De Bono


Joan N. Ickes, (Maier) EdD is CEO, co-founder, and diagnostician of Dynamic Learners, Inc. (DLI) in the metropolitan area of Houston, Texas.  Dr. Ickes earned her doctoral degree in curriculum and instruction at Illinois State University and a Master of Science degree in reading at the University of Missouri.  Joan was an associate professor of education and chair of internship program initiatives and school district-university partnerships at the University of Houston-Clear Lake and Sam Houston State University.

Joan has over 40 years of experience working with learners of all ages.  She began her career as a public-school secondary teacher and as a literacy diagnostician for K-12 students and adults.   Professionally, she works with a variety of individuals with learning disabilities, including those with dyslexia, attention deficit disorder, auditory processing disorder, and academic curriculum gaps.  Joan’s research includes academic learning disabilities, personal learning passions and strategies, and innovative curriculum design and teaching strategies.  Joan presents at research conferences nationally and internationally and provides professional development for school districts.  She has authored numerous curriculum programs, articles, and book chapters and has been recognized professionally with awards for her research and teaching.

As CEO of DLI, she conducts training seminars for learning specialists and hands-on workshops for parents.  She engages in community outreach with individuals, organizations, and businesses that will provide financial support for our clients who represent underserved individuals with learning disabilities.  As a DLI diagnostician, she conducts diagnostic analysis and prescribes personalized learning solutions, and develops a personal learning passion (PLP) curriculum with learning specialists for our clients.  She is a passionate advocate and mentor for clients and their families living with learning disabilities.

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