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Claudia Ovalle


  • Elementary Bilingual and ESL - Spanish (1-8)

  • Elementary Self-Contained (1-8)

  • Languages other than English-Spanish (EC-12)


Claudia is working on her doctoral degree in organizational leadership and special education through Grand Canyon University.  Her Master of Science degree is in multicultural education at the University of Houston-Clear Lake and her Bachelor of Science degree is in secondary education at the Higher Normal School of the State of Coahuila of Zaragoza, Mexico.  She has 20+ years of experience as a professional educator.  Claudia is an elementary bilingual and English Language Learners (ESL) teacher.  She differentiates instruction based on learning readiness, interests, learning modalities, strengths, and needs.  She strives to make learning personal and meaningful to her students by making connections to their life experiences and cultural backgrounds.  In her classrooms, Claudia works with students such as English second language, special needs, and gifted and talented learners.  She coaches first and second-year teachers to create productive learning experiences and provide a balance with objectives and activities that are relevant to their students' needs.  Claudia’s passion for teaching and her students’ success is shared with students, parents, and colleagues.  She continues to learn new approaches to enhance and improve her students' academic learning as well as personal development.

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