Crosby Christmas

Learner Dynamics provided handouts, 200 items for Christmas bags & 2 $50 gift cards.
They also provided an info booth with Joan, Sandra & Laura.

Crosby ISD

Crosby Huffman Chamber of Commerce

Summer Literacy Institute

Baytown Homeschoolers

Dear Cindy,

We want to thank you and the Baytown Homeschoolers for allowing us to share with you at your super and very well attended 2016 Open House. We hope all of you have an exceptional academic year with teaching and nurturing your children at home. If we can be of any assistance in providing our integrated diagnostic learning care and learning services, please let us know. If your group would like training on any specific educational topics, we would be glad to provide that service, as well. We hope the information on " Four Learning Challenges" was helpful.

Again, Jacqueline and I thank you for an outstanding Open House evening.

Dr. Joan Ickes, Co-founder
Learner Dynamics LLC
713.591.4958 -direct line

PAR Profiles

Dear Dr. Craig Johnson,

Recently, I read the article entitled Appropriately Targeting Group Interventions for Academic Success Adopting the Clinical Model and PAR Profiles in which you were the lead author. I shared the article with Dr. Wren Bump who is a Learning Diagnostician and Personalized Curriculum Specialist for Learner Dynamics LLC, which is a private agency that provides learning diagnostic and treatment services in the Houston area. Learner Dynamics LLC was co-founded by Dr. Lillian McEnery and I, Dr. Joan Ickes in 2014. Wren and I were excited to learn you and other authors of the article were at the University of Texas School of Biomedical Informatics in Houston, Texas in that it could possibly provide us more direct access and opportunity to learn about the PAR Profile as a possible instrument to use in our diagnostic program with secondary and post secondary clients Thus, Wren emailed you a couple of months ago to inquire how Learner Dynamics LLC could learn more about the PAR Profiles. Your response to Wren indicated there was PAR Profiles training required prior to purchasing or using the instrument.
With that in mind, Dr. Bump and I would like to set up an appointment with you to learn more about the research being conducted at the UT Biomedical Informatics Program and the PAR Profiles training offered as we pursue learning/deciding how it could assist us in improving our learning diagnostic work with our clients.

If meeting with you is possible, please let us know some some dates and times over the next month that works best for your schedule.

Thank you in advance,
Dr Joan Ickes, co-founder
Learner Dynamics LLC
713.591.4958 -direct line

Free Workshops

Highland, TX. – Learner Dynamics will offer a FREE workshop entitled “Discover Your Child's Learning Passions for Success in School” from 7:00-8:00 p.m., on Monday, March 21 at the Crosby Library located on 135 Hare Rd., in Crosby.

This FREE workshop provides strategies that will help families work with their children who struggle with learning in school and their daily lives. The workshop will include a short presentation, handouts and activities with time for questions. Refreshments will be served. For more information, visit or call 832-210-7521 .

Learner Dynamics is a learning diagnostic and personalized instruction service in the Baytown, Mont Belvieu, Crosby, Highlands, and Liberty-Dayton area. Learner Dynamics provides accessible, reliable, highest quality learning services for all budgets . Our innovative, award winning team of professional learning diagnosticians and instructors have 30+years of experience .

We also provide professional literacy development programs for private schools and public school districts (CPE credits).

Learner Dynamics was co-founded by Dr. Joan Ickes and Dr. Lillian McEnery. Dr. Joan Ickes is an Associate Professor of Curriculum and Instruction at Sam Houston State University (recently retired) who specializes in content learning and literacy challenges for upper elementary, middle/high school, and adult learners. Dr. Lillian McEnery is a Professor of Reading at the University of Houston-Clear Lake (UHCL). Dr. McEnery is the Reading Clinic Director for UHCL, where she trains teacher candidates who serve children with literacy and learning challenges. For more information, visit or call 832-210-7521.

American Education Research Association

Joan will be presenting a paper at AERA conference, April 9 for Learner Dynamics.

Joined Crosby-Huffman Chamber

Joined March 1, 2016 and attended Crosby-Huffman Chamber luncheon on January 21

Association of Teacher Educators

Joan attended annual conference representing Learner Dynamics, February 13-15, Chicago, Illinois.

Purpose: Past Chair of the ATE PDS SIG and we conduct a meeting at the conference. Attendance at our SIG was 30.

Also had a presentation with Dr. Kelly O'Neal-Hixon, Emporia State University and Dr. Janice Nath, University of Houston-Downtown. Title of research paper presentation: Common Professional Language: Advocating and Assessing Clinical Practices in Teacher Preparation

Baytown News Article

Learner Dynamics LLC Personalizes Learning

BAYTOWN, Texas – Many individuals face challenges with learning to read, write, retain and understand information, studying, problem solving, and critical thinking. Research studies show that both adults and children face learning difficulties that affect their daily lives and educational success. For adults and children who struggle with learning, a new Houston based company, Learner Dynamics LLC, provides personalized learning solutions for all budgets. We use a unique service and approach for individuals to discover who they are as a learner, which is then aimed at overcoming their learning problems. Learner Dynamics is committed to transforming lives through personalized learning.

Through the highest quality diagnostic evaluation and our Integrated Diagnostic Care, Learner Dynamics develops a personalized curriculum to fit the learner. Based on this information, our Learning Specialist and e-diagnostic team determines the learner's strengths, learning passions and areas for growth to help the learner excel. Over a period of four months, Personal Learning Sessions will focus on the learner's personalized curriculum to engage the learner in meaningful and motivating experiences. We offer flexible scheduling and conduct the Personal Learning Sessions at the agreed upon choice of location, eliminating the need for expensive facilities. Learner Dynamics LLC, provides personalized learning solutions for all budgets.

Founded by Dr. Joan Ickes and Dr. Lillian McEnery, the Learner Dynamics team consists of cognitive neuropsychologists, professional educators and learning specialists who bring a diverse and extensive background of experience in helping adults and children improve their learning. Together, the team creates strategies and learning solutions designed to serve each individual in becoming a stronger learner. Dr. Ickes was an Associate Professor of Education for 18 years with Sam Houston State University and the University of Houston-Clear Lake. She began her teaching career as a public school teacher and then later as a literacy diagnostician. She has a Masters in Reading Education and doctorate in Curriculum and Instruction in which she specialized in the areas of academic learning, academic literacy and the development of innovative teaching methods for adolescent development.

“I've had the privilege of helping hundreds of people learn to learn,” said Dr. Ickes. “Our goal with Learner Dynamics is to transform lives through personalized learning and to build trusting relationships with our clients in order to create the best learning solutions for each learner.”

Co-founder, Dr. McEnery has extensive experience in teaching children and adults to enhance their learning abilities. She teaches learners how to develop strategies that empower their cognitive functions in an effort to help learners remember what they are taught in their academic classes. Professor McEnery serves as the director of the University of Houston-Clear Lake reading clinic where she works with teacher candidates. She also provides professional literacy development services to various public school districts. McEnery has a Masters in Reading Education and a doctorate in Curriculum and Instruction.

“We created Learner Dynamics because we genuinely care about people and their learning,” said Dr. McEnery. “We are passionate about helping people discover who they are as a learner.” McEnery added that Learner Dynamics is dedicated to transforming people through successful learning strategies that are designed to fit the learner.”

Learner Dynamics currently serves adults and children in Baytown and its surrounding communities. For more information about Learner Dynamics LLC or to sign up for a free consultation visit: or call Dr. Ickes at 832.210.7521.

Dynamic Learners, Inc. is currently available in:

Baytown, Belaire, Clear Lake, Crosby, Friendswood, Highlands,
Lynchburg, Kingwood, Manvel, Mont Belvieu, Pearland, and Woodlands