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Ruby Payne
Feb 08, 7:00 PM
Houston, TX, USA

We diagnose learning needs and tailor proven solutions for
students of all ages.

We can help you or someone you love.


Unlock the joys of learning

African American girl reading a book while standing

Serving the Houston-Metro Area & Online

Reading - Writing - Spelling - Math

  • Dyslexia

  • Academic Content gaps

  • Processing differences

  • Study Strategies & Skills

  • Attention differences

  • Dysgraphia

  • ASD - High-functioning

  • Motivation & Confidence

we specialize in these learning areas

Older hispanic learning specialist tutoring highschool-age girl

our PROVEN programS

Diagnostic & Intervention

Children and Adults

In-person or Online

Evidence-based Learning Strategies
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  • 25+ Yrs. Experience

  • Doctorates or Master's Degrees

  • Caring Personalized Learning

  • Bilingual Specialists Available

Our learning specialists Laura Kovalcik, Wren Bump, Sherry Otahal, and Rhonda Ponder holding up books in the library.

What our students and parents are saying...

african american parents reading with their child

Vincent's Grandmother Said, 

Thank you so much for your dedication toward helping my grandson. "



Professional diagnosticians and certified educators, including bilingual specialists. We have received awards for teaching and research. We participate in professional development including online teaching and learning. 


We design and implement tailored solutions based on diagnostic assessment results including cutting-edge brain research and evidence-based learning strategies. 


Results show we empower students to build their confidence in learning. We engage students learning strengths and learning passions, all the while targeting needed areas for growth. 


We provide mentoring and training to you so that you can bolster your child's learning. We assist parents seeking school support for their children.


We offer flexible scheduling and agreed-upon choice of location, eliminating the need for expensive facilities. We pass the savings onto you. 


We provide excellent service with a comprehensive satisfaction guarantee.  Including multiple payment options to meet your needs.

Success Stories

tony's Dad, Steve, Tells our first success story

More Success Stories*

Our highschool student Kay

High school girl--Math concepts and equation solving strategies

Kay was a high school student struggling in algebra.  Our in-depth assessment and analysis of Kay’s results indicated challenges in fundamental mathematical concepts and equation solving strategies.  Kay enjoyed working with her learning specialist and she grew in confidence as her scores in algebra improved.  Improving in math meant Kay would achieve her career goal of working in the medical field.


Our first grade student Pedro

First grade bilingual boy--Word attack and comprehension in English and Spanish

Pedro was a quiet, hard-working 1st grader in a bilingual program.  He was below grade level in all subjects; however,  math was his best subject.  Our in-depth diagnostic assessment and analysis of Pedro’s results indicated challenges in word attack and comprehension in English and Spanish.  Within months, Pedro was reading on grade level in both languages.  He developed a strong rapport with his bilingual learning specialist.


Our 4th grade student Lydia


Our 5th grade student Ray


Fourth grade girl -- Phonological dyslexia

Lydia was a bright, curious, and funny 4th grader.  She excelled in math, but struggled in reading, writing, and spelling.  Our in-depth diagnostic assessment and analysis of Lydia’s results indicated phonological dyslexia.  Within a few months, Lydia’s spelling and reading scores improved significantly.  Her writing is more successful.  At school, Lydia is now a member of the academic and leadership club.  Lydia invites her learning specialist to attend her school activities.

Fourth grade boy--Double deficit dyslexia

Ray is a ten-year-old boy with a contagious sense of humor.  In first grade, he was diagnosed with ADHD.  Our recent in-depth assessment and analysis of Ray's results also identified dyslexia as a learning disability.   Ray is engaged with a reading and a math learning specialist.   He "loves" working with both of them!  He has made significant gains in reading and math continues to be his academic strength. The learning specialists work with his teachers and mentor Ray's mother and grandmother by demonstrating learning methods to utilize with Ray that support his reading and math growth.

*To protect our students’ privacy, we use stock images and pseudonyms.


We have always been committed to finding ways to give back to the community.  We know that not all students in the Houston area have the same opportunities--we believe it is up to us to help underserved populations receive needed learning services to empower their future.  We are at the forefront of helping those most at risk.

Consistent with the vision of our co-founders, no student is denied services based on religion, race, or ability to pay.  To remove financial barriers, we established--at no cost to you--the need-based Literacy Opportunity Scholarship.  When you become our student, we give back.

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You can give a gift that changes lives.​​​

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No child should grow up without reading and math literacy.

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